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Making Soccer Star is a sports game, on the same lines as 'New Star Soccer,' where your player starts from scratch, playing in the street and in local leagues; to later end up competing against the best players in the world.

The gameplay is Making Soccer Star is extremely varied, given that you can carry out all kinds of moves during the matches. In some plays you have to pass the ball to an unmarked teammate, whereas in others you need to try and score goals directly. In other plays however, you must dribble past opponents.

At the beginning of the game your player's ability is mediocre. Fortunately, you get to practice and improve each and every one of your character's skills. What's more, you can hire mentors (including certain famous soccer players) who will train you to be a better player.

As you would expect, you earn very little money from your appearances to start with. Nevertheless, as you get better you earn more money and are able to purchase anything: from new hairstyles to houses, consoles and vehicles.

Making Soccer Star is a soccer game that offers you a different, much more addictive game experience to that of classics such as 'FIFA' or 'PES.' It's an essential title for fans of the classic 'Be a Legend' or similar.
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Requires Android 4.1 or higher

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